Month: January 2014

don’t worry

“Worry spoils lives which would otherwise be useful and beautiful.” { reverend darlow sergeant } * * * * * * * * * I hope your weekend is lovely and worry-free.  I’ll be back next week to post some studio-time updates.  Love to you! […]

a messy week

…but a rewarding one.  These cold  freezing grey days called for some color.  So mostly that’s what I did this week, played around with paints and color and texture and such.  Here’s a look… Some more paper play… Painted lots of backgrounds… Sketched some embroidery designs… […]

snapshots from my studio this week

This week I hibernated in my studio.  Gave myself permission to spend some time just playing around.  Something I rarely do.  Until this year, right?  Keeping my 2014 word (Art) in focus means I have to dedicate some of my time and self to it.  […]

tissue paper art

Cleaning off my studio table always comes with a spark of an idea to cover it back up again with a new project.  It’s like a blank canvas.  This box of patterns and designs on tissue paper are the latest result… My table is a […]

2014: the year of art

My 2014 word…ART. It came easily to me for all kinds of reasons… Which I could list, but the one that eclipses all the others is that I’m not getting any younger.  I’ve fallen back into the exercise of making things.  So much fun and […]