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I’m a reader.  I love books and am in love with books.  I read a lot.  Think of the sheer privilege it is to be able to read!  Think of the privilege it to be able to read and to have thousands upon thousands of books at our disposable.  There is no time or place in history where so many books have been so easily accessible.


Learn to fall in love with books.  Read current books, read books written long, long ago (this is my current to-be-read stack).  You don’t have to believe everything you read in every book.  You don’t even have to like them all.  But love the process.  Snuggle in, hibernate, with a good book.  Savor the feel of turning a new page, the satisfaction of closing the book when you’ve read the last chapter and sighing over it.

Yay for books!  We should read more.  Let’s read more.



3 thoughts on “{ read something }”

  • I am doing a little happy dance over here because … about 3 years ago I saw this book in the library but already had a huge stack to check out so I figured I’d get it another time. But, much to my chagrin, I couldn’t ever remember the title. I searched in a variety of sources but I’d only read a little blurb so didn’t really have much to grasp. And then, I forgot about it. Til today. Thank you, Rebecca for including The Blue Sweater in your stack. I have just looked online and it is currently checked in at my local library branch. Heading over there to check it out. Thanks to you 🙂

  • I wonder if the accessibility of books will be threatened by the technological age. Already, some books only come electronically. Ebooks require computers or readers which may reduce the number of people who can access them. I can imagine that the blind have a limited number of books written in Braille or made into audio books available to them.

  • There are stacks of books on shelves here, too. Reading is as essential as breathing and prayer to me. I love looking at what other people are reading.

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