a sweet southern summer wedding…a mom’s memories

I feel I should begin this post like this…

“Once upon a time, in a far away land, a beautiful princess fell in love with a handsome prince…”

Because it felt a little like a fairytale, this sweet daughter of ours marrying the guy of her dreams.  And now that I have the amazing photos in hand (photographer amanda rohde, highly recommended!) I will begin at the beginning…

My girl getting ready for this day, the one she’s longed for quite possibly her entire life…


Her dress was perfect for her.  ‘Ethereal’ someone called her.  And I decided that was the perfect description of my girl.  Too beautiful to be real on this her special day…



More about her to follow, but may I just say…the wedding attendants!

This mother’s heart was like a cup overflowing when the bridesmaids and groomsmen began coming in.  Such grand hearts, all of them.  Asking how they could help me, lifting up Erin and Zack in word and in prayer, loving this bride and her groom through every step.  It was a joy to have them nearby…


And the flowers!  Erin and I (and Luke helped!) grew the flowers here on the homestead.  I remember sitting with the girls in Vermont in May stressing over whether the flowers would grow as they should.  Boy did they!  I’m still cutting armloads of flowers a month after the wedding…


So much time spent setting up, preparing, stressing over the weather, anticipating…

And then it all begins to happen.  The two loves we are celebrating come together at last…


The tables are set up.  The caterers are unloading.  The guests are arriving (the guests are arriving?!)

No time to look things over for last-minute details.  But that’s okay.  The past few months have been all about the details.  Now it’s time to breathe deeply and savor what is happening in this very place we call home, with this very child we have loved and cared for the past 21+ years…


There is only time to say a quick prayer, a prayer of thanksgiving, for all that is.  Because here come the lovely bridesmaids, the last of which is our sweet girl Madeline and her little ‘ring bearer’…


And then it’s the father of the bride teasing his little girl, “Are you sure about this?  It’s not too late” (for the thousandth time!), and her response, “Daddy stop it, I’m sure!”…

1507025ADR_ErinandZack_0707And we are all gathered to witness this beautiful covenant, the coming together of these two people in the eyes of God and so many people who love them.  It’s the most sacred moment, when they share communion, when they read their hand-written vows to one another.  I didn’t turn around to look but there were likely very few dry eyes…


And it is done!  My sweet girl and this young man we love are husband and wife…


The moment is jubilant, the time for celebration has come.  And it was everything good a celebration should be…

Good food, laughter, cameras snapping, friends uniting, hugs and more hugs, dancing and special moments, like five generations of my family gathered for a rare photo…



My three birds, all grown up and causing my heart to feel like it will burst…


A cake so pretty it surpassed all the Pinterest photos we saved…


Our little ‘American Gothic‘ bride and groom with happy hearts on this their special day…


And as dusk falls, the sweetest toasts for the newlyweds (more tears)…


And as night falls, the groom dances with his bride…


And then she with her sweet papa…


And the music is turned up and the dance floor fills with those brave enough to sweat it out on this sultry Southern evening…


I stood over to the side for a few moments, just taking it all in.  The young people laughing and dancing, the guests gathered, sharing conversation and this lovely evening with us, each person a special part of the day we’ve anticipated for so long.


And much too soon it was time for the sweet couple’s sparkler send-off.


And just like that, they drove away.  And I didn’t fall apart.  I didn’t even cry (maybe a little).  I just remember my husband holding onto me tightly and I remember feeling really, really happy.  We did it.

Our little princess is now someone else’s princess.  But it’s okay.  That’s how it’s supposed to be…


Will they live happily ever after?

I kinda think they will.

We love you both with all our hearts!!!


Catering:  Thyme for Lunch

Cake:  Cupcakes24

Erin’s dress: The White Room

Photographs:  Amanda Rohde

29 thoughts on “a sweet southern summer wedding…a mom’s memories”

  • Oh Rebecca, what a lovely, lovely post. Your heart for your sweet girl and her prince comes through in every word. God’s richest blessings on them, and on you.

  • It’s all so beautiful Rebecca! I love her choice of zinnias. Just perfect for a country wedding and how precious that it was on your property. I love the photo where she is looking at the camera while they hug and that last one!! Oh my stars, really beautiful. Congratulations on such a beautiful, sweet day. I know you’re exhausted. I was and I didn’t host it at my own home. More precious days are ahead.

  • Rebecca,
    Not certain how I’m typing this as my eyes are filled to the brim with the happiest tears…everything was so beautiful, sweet, heartfelt and enveloped in love and adoration!

    I don’t think anything could have been more perfect, beautiful. What a blessed day for a precious couple!

    May every good grace of cherished love, blessings and unabashed joys fill their hearts always!!
    Much love,

  • Oh Rebecca- how blessed you are. It’s all we pray for for our children. What a beautiful witness to a start of a lifetime of memories. Much joy for your family

  • Rebecca, thank you for sharing your very special moments. Everything was so magical. I have to say I did tear up looking at the photo of your 3 grown birds…I also have 3 grown birds…2 girls and a boy. Congratulations to your beautiful family.

  • I don’t know you, but feel I somehow do, through your art and your heartfelt, honest, authentic blog posts. I have tears running down my cheeks: what a beautiful, beautiful day you must all have had (and what a beautiful post)….thank you so much for sharing this (so very private) moment…..my tears are tears of nostalgia for my own children (still only 9 and 5 but growing so, so fast)…I’m sure I’ll blink again and they’ll be as big as your three…and my Princess (the littlest) will find her Prince and just like that, they’ll fly…..wow. How *does* time go so fast?

  • OOooh… its all how its supposed to be!!

    I loved every photo, every word…. and your last ones about your princess… weeeeeeeeell, the tears welled up. sigh….
    its all soooooooo beautiful!

  • Tears here as well. What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing your family’s special day. May their lives be filled with love, blessings and God’s grace.

  • Wow… such a beautiful day for true hearts to be joined together. Brought tears to my eyes. Wishing them many years of happiness, big love from England xxx

  • Thank you for the beautiful photos of such a wonderful day with your dear family! And thank you for reminding all of us about the important things about marriage, family, being together, taking time to let it all soak in and reflect. Loveliest memories and prayers for God’s blessings as Erin and Zach begin their new life together.

  • Oh Rebecca, what a beautiful, heartfelt post. It sounds like the day was a blessing to your family and, from the photos, it looked absolutely beautiful. I love all the homemade touches. It looked exactly how I imagine a wedding you helped organize would look. Homemade, with warmth and love <3

  • Rebecca, I can not believe that your children are grown and now getting married. The wedding pictures were beautiful as was the bride. I know your heart must be filled with joy for her. It looked like the perfect wedding down to the last detail. Congrats to the two of them.
    I so cherish our friendship and all the great times that we had. I just wanted to say HI!

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