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Are you as invigorated as I am at the prospect of a fresh new calendar year?  Welcome 2018!  You are welcome here.

Henry Ward Beecher said “You are only sure of today.  Do not let yourself be cheated out of it.”  Something about facing the new year as 365 ‘todays’ stirs new motivation and a bit of confidence in me.  It feels doable.  All my plans, projects and ideas for this year, scattered over that many fractions of time, don’t feel so over-whelming.  In fact, I feel ready to dive in!

Hence my focus word for 2018…today.

Today, and how to live it well.  How this 24-hour frame of life can find me being my best self.  Loving as I should, creating as I was born to, finding and following my purpose for each day.

Today.  It’s a very good day.


4 thoughts on “{ today }”

  • I was not thinking of selecting a word for 2018, yet I like your word ‘today’ and your explanation on how you plan on facing each new day, being the creative soul that you are. God bless!

  • I read quite a few blogs, and your is the first to have a word/phrase for the new year! And, it’s a good one. I like your quote, too. Best wishes to you in the new year!

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