{ your art supplies }

Every morning that I step into my studio, I pause for a moment and let a little wave of gratitude wash over me.  That I am able to do this.  To have access to all these beautiful supplies.  To even be able to make the attempt at creating something on canvas or paper or cloth.

If your art supply stash fills a room or a shoebox, you still have more than most people in the world.  Should we feel guilt over this?  Not at all.  Should we feel fortunate and blessed?  Yes definitely.

What is the best way to show gratitude for your art materials?  Use them!  Pull out your colored pencils, or pretty threads or jars of paint.  Even if you just have a tiny block of time.  Create something from your heart, and hang it on your wall.

Art supplies are meant to be used, not hoarded.  Used completely up in bringing more beauty to the world.

Thank you for stopping in.  May your day be full of art and gratitude.

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