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{ quilt inspiration }

My first-ever hand-quilted quilt is finished!  It was a labor of love, and by that I mean I loved every minute of theView full post »

{ read something }

I’m a reader.  I love books and am in love with books.  I read a lot.  Think of the sheer privilege it is to beView full post »

{ just rise up }

I’ve been reading an inspirational book by Sarah Francis Martin titled “Just Rise Up”. SarahView full post »

{ 2015: the year of write }

Like many of you, I choose a word of focus each year.  Last year was art, the year before that was time, 2012 was giveView full post »

{ you are radiant }

“To the degree you experience God’s love toward you, that He sees you as beautiful and radiant, you will beView full post »

{ seeing time } a challenge for you

It’s no way to live.  Just trying to get everything done.  Everything we think we absolutely, positively have toView full post »

{ the stone collective } farther along

{ This is my second feature as part of The Stone Collective.  Read all about the collective at the end of this post. }View full post »

all that is wild and natural

My top ten favorite concepts from a much-loved new book on the shelf titled “This Book Was a Tree” byView full post »

{ the stone collective } new every morning

It’s lovely to be a part of something like the Stone Collective.  Here’s what it’s all about…View full post »

don’t worry

“Worry spoils lives which would otherwise be useful and beautiful.” { reverend darlow sergeantView full post »