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more than prayers and hashtags

This epidemic known as human trafficking is one of the darkest, heaviest stones in my heart.  It’s been there a while, possibly since I saw it first-hand with my work in Haiti.  And now that this story is in the headlines, well I’m really just […]

{ the stone collective } farther along

{ This is my second feature as part of The Stone Collective.  Read all about the collective at the end of this post. } Sometimes things come into our lives unexpectedly, and we wonder why.  For several months now, I’ve had a health issue with […]

I’m out here…

…in the fresh air.  Busy as a bee… …see you soon! r.

all that is wild and natural

My top ten favorite concepts from a much-loved new book on the shelf titled “This Book Was a Tree” by Marcie Chambers Cuff… {1}  Disconnect with screens {2}  Get dirty {3}  Develop a compassion for nature {4}  Explore more {5}  Be aware of the wide world […]

shop snapshot

I’ve reopened my Etsy shop… …and more on the way!